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Work together, from anywhere. Smart Space gives teams the tools they need to work together seamlessly, with automatic credentialing, effortless data recall, and lifelike telepresence for remote collaborators.


Visualize data, collaborate effortlessly.

After automatically recognizing users and calling up their data, the Smart Space visualizes information coming from IoT assets, enterprise software and more. This allows users to easily assess and work with the valuable data streaming in from their worksite. The result is smarter, better informed decisions.


Work beyond boundaries

Using touch screens, natural voice commands, and advanced sensors backed by a powerful technology network, the Smart Space provides an intuitive experience and lifelike telepresence that lets users feel like they’re working together, even when they’re miles apart.


The Tesseract Tech Table houses the main server and AV components, acting as a hub for credentialing and control

An 80-touch point (with palm rejection) high-def screen drives the action

Cleverly integrated RFID readers seamlessly credential users, enabling intuitive use of the space

Secure built-in server drives powerful predictive AI capabilities and more

The modular Tesseract can be adapted to fit any space or need

The Tesseract recognizes users and responds with personalized content

Secure environment protects data while maximizing collaboration

Works with Prism wearables to credential users and access data


Automatically view and share data with collaborators

Directional sound and linked displays bring lifelike telepresence to remote meetings



Tesseract Room is a customizable cyber-physical environment that houses an array of screens, A/V equipment, sensors and the Tesseract Smart Table to create a secure hub for collaboration and data visualization.


  • Modular unite to create custom layout
  • Expandable to move or reconfigure over time
  • Integrated wiring and lighting for low impact installation
  • Optional raised floor for cabling
  • In line Power Adapter


  • Commercial grade multi-touch high def monitors
  • WISA enabled Dolby 5.1 Sound
  • Shure in-ceiling microphone
  • High def tracking camera
  • Integrated power back-up
  • Crestron room setting control panel


  • Mosaic Command and Presenter (with Tech Table)
  • Mosaic Connect for enterprise integration


The nerve center of the Smart Space allows users to control the action through a high-def, capacitive touch screen and a design that discreetly hides servers and A/V components.


  • Standing or bar stool height work surface
  • Room for 4 seated and 6 standing
  • Integrated power supply and server rack
  • Self contained


  • 55” high definition multi touch monitor
  • 80 point capacitive touch interface
  • 2 wireless charging hot spots
  • 120V outlets, standard and USB
  • Integrated power back-up
  • RFID sensors for authentication
  • Onboard blade server
  • Capacitive codice marker detection


  • Mosaic Command and Presenter (with Tech Table)
  • Mosaic Connect for enterprise integration


A secure command center and space for collaboration that can be set up anywhere in minutes. Customizable and portable, Connex brings the power of the Tesseract Smart Space to wherever your project needs it.