Mosaic organizes and displays huge amounts of information from data-collecting robots, IoT-connected devices and more, so teams can easily and intuitively work with their valuable data.


Mosaic Command

Seamless authentication and credentialing

Command can automatically log in credentialed users as they enter the room, instantly giving them the tools they need to visualize and control data in collaborative workflows.


Mosaic Connect

Bring it all together

Connect is the external I/O to the Tesseract Environment, bringing information and visualization tools together. It allows users to locate information on the table interface and send it to the room monitors with a flick of the wrist. Link up to six touch displays, fluidly control the screens and increase efficiencies by working with Codice markers all while providing connectivity to legacy software.


Interacts with external data sources

Information transfer secured with bank-level encryption



Powerful real time insights

The white label Prism RTLS gathers info from workers, objects and activities that can provide real time status updates and illuminate trends across a worksite. This data can be used to enhance safety and security, keep tabs on inventory, cut waste, automate processes and better utilize resources across your entire business.


Social distancing

Intrusion notifications

Identify hazards and threats

Dynamic rule setting

Track activity by zone

Create rules for zone access

Create security zones

Access to health and safety information



Automatic proximity tracing

Get back to work safely with Mosaic Proxima. Proxima provides insight into contact between workers for both distance and duration. When there is an outbreak, you can instantly create a contact network and identify those at risk of exposure. Works in conjunction with Prism badges and anchors for full site coverage.



Transcend the boundaries of time

See what’s ahead, with up to the minute analytics and predictive capabilities. Using data from Tesseract wearables, sensors and other data sources, Mosaic AI can identify patterns across a business or project, allowing you to analyze the habits of workers or machines, predict potential issues, spot deviations that could lead to safety issues, and reduce costly errors.