Data Visualization

Supercharge your collaborative workflows

Break down barriers between people and teams, with a revolutionary new way to collaborate in person and remotely. Powerful data visualization, intuitive commands and lifelike telepresence combine to help you work better together.


Information Management

Take control, and make your data work for you

Every day your team is deluged with streams of data from disparate sources. When you have the power to quickly sort and compare all that information, you can better collaborate with your team and make more confident decisions. Tesseract provides a number of software and hardware solutions to give you superior vision and control over your information, in real time.


Access Control

Seamless, self-contained security solutions

Smart security starts with data. Tesseract NODE is an advanced, self-contained access control solution that effortlessly credentials workers, and gathers powerful data you can use to create a more secure worksite.


Proximity Tracing

Monitor interactions, keep your teams safe

Establish safe social distance and gather critical proximity tracing data. Prism and Mosaic Proxima technology can enhance your team’s well-being, by monitoring activity and logging personal interactions.


Asset Tracking

Get end to end visibility on all your resources

Know where your resources are at all times, and create a safer, more productive work environment. Prism asset tracking extends off site, with solutions to deliver real-time reporting on the condition and location of your equipment as it’s in transit.