Tesseract’s robot reveal: Wearable proximity trackers to keep workers at a safe distance

Tesseract PRISM

Kansas City-wired clip-on robots could make social distancing a second thought, as Tesseract Ventures shares its first mainstream product with the world. 

“This product exemplifies our mantra that there is nothing more human than technology and is a great example of what you can expect to see from Tesseract Ventures in the future,” said John Boucard, Tesseract Ventures founder and CEO. 

Tesseract PRISM L1T
Tesseract PRISM L1T

The high-tech robotics startup — one of Startland News’ Kansas City Startups to Watch in 2020 — announced the Tesseract PRISM (TM) Wednesday, marking the first major unveiling of a product for the company, which has raised significant venture capital from local funders — despite heavily guarding its plans and technology. 

“We recognize how hard essential employees are working right now, and we are proud to be able to provide a technology that can help create safer work environments during this difficult time,” Boucard added. 

Click here to read more about Boucard and his vision for the future of robotics. 

Unveiled as Stay at Home orders continue their roll back, PRISM acts as part of a larger cyber-physical worksite-management system, in tandem with Tesseract PRISM Anchors — wearable badges which track and document the proximity of workers and students in real time and alerts staff and management if social distance is broken, ultimately creating safer work and school environments, the company explained in a release. 

“The capabilities of this product are endless, now and in the future,” said Dave Starr, vice president of research and development for Tesseract. “Not only is PRISM a vital piece of technology for ensuring workers keep their distance from one another during this pandemic, it was originally designed to benefit industry operators by providing data to help them identify problem zones within a site.”

Full product capabilities include credentialed worker identification; emergency SOS beaconing; control site access, defined entry and exclusion zones within the job site; the ability to assign workgroups, privileges and certifications for individuals; the ability to assign personal space requirements and receive alerts when cross-contamination occurs; rugged, site-ready construction; and RFID compatibility with existing access points.

Tesseract PRISM

PRISM was developed in Tesseract Ventures’, Crossroads-based Future Lab — an advanced, multi-disciplinary R&D studio — and was built in the company’s Martin City-based Cyber-Physical studio, which develops products that will define the future of work. 

The company has two additional development studios — Experiential Entertainment and Human Things — which round out its mission to empower businesses and people to be able to defy the boundaries of space and time, Boucard told a crowd gathered for the Startland News’ Kansas City Startups to Watch in 2020 Celebration in January. 

The startup’s mission was most recently backed by a $2 million investment from UMB Capital Corporation in March. 

To read the full article from Startland News, visit https://www.startlandnews.com/2020/01/10-kansas-city-startups-to-watch-in-2020/.

For more information about Tesseract, visit www.tesseractventures.io.

About Tesseract Ventures 

Tesseract Ventures was founded in 2018 by John Boucard, a veteran inventor, engineer and technologist. The company enables businesses to defy the boundaries of space and time through next-generation technologies. Robots, smart spaces, wearables and radically connected platforms are just some of the tools created by Tesseract in its mission to make industries smarter, better connected and more efficient. The company is based in Kansas City, MO – America’s most quietly revolutionary place. For more information, visit www.tesseractventures.io.


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