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Delivering mission critical data and analysis in real time.

Tesseract technologies bring together robust, real-time data collection, analysis across disparate data streams, and next generation visualization technology to help leaders make sense of it all. This integrated platform offers unprecedented situational awareness, and the ability to make faster, better-informed decisions, from the base to the battlefield.




Defeat information overload with integrated, reliable data you can see, touch and act on immediately.

Using advanced touch screens, interactive data visualization and the power of real time and predictive analysis, the Smart Space brings collaborators together both in person and virtually to make faster, better informed decisions.


This revolutionary cyber physical space can take our forces from intelligence to action, bringing together huge amounts of information and making it understandable. From time sensitive, mission critical situations to long term planning, the Smart Space can accelerate JAD C2 by allowing for seamless collaboration across branches and disciplines.



Tesseract’s Prism technology is a closed network of sensors and asset trackers that provides vital information about the status and overall health of your operations.

This advanced platform combines Prism Badges, Anchors and Tags, each working together to create a flexible network of coverage that illuminates realities and predictive trends across logistics, equipment maintenance, base security, personnel health and safety, and beyond.



These unobtrusive, high security wearables enable seamless credentialing, location tracking, emergency alerts and communication.



These small, simple to install RTLS anchors are used to locate wearable and equipment tags in a given area.



NODE offers portable, modular access control that brings enhanced security, visibility and real-time reporting to all types of military installations.

Using Prism technology, NODE units employ multi-factor authentication for credentialing personnel in seconds, as well as integration into existing identity management software, creating a closed loop for secure management. These rugged, self-contained units can be placed and deployed in minutes, then rapidly relocated and repurposed.



A truly connected military will require a robust ecosystem of solutions that ties everything and everyone together, from top personnel to every piece of equipment on the ground.

Mosaic software aggregates the disparate data streams from Prism hardware and your own legacy infrastructure to form a complete picture of the overall health of your installation.

Predictive analytics and AI can provide forward looking decision making tools that complement the current real time alerts and past performance reporting.


Situational Awareness

The Tesseract ecosystem provides enhanced intelligence and unlimited visibility into your operations.Get a clear, real-time view into missions, track and locate materiel, monitor troop health and safety and improve efficiency with Tesseract’s next-generation platform.


Asset Tracking

Reliably track assets and equipment on the base and in the field. Prism provides indoor and outdoor tracking for high value assets and equipment down to 3M outdoors and 20CM indoors when paired with Prism anchors. RTLS and GPS location trackers keep tabs on equipment and supplies, track fleet usage and report on the condition of assets.


Improved Health and Safety

With available biometric monitoring, geofencing to create safety and exclusion zones, automatic credentialing at key access points and more, Tesseract technologies provide a seamless and secure way to improve health and safety across a site.