Tesseract Ventures activates the minds of local youth with Missouri Career Pathways Externship

Tesseract Ventures recently participated in a video based Virtual Tour Project created by a forward thinking organization called Missouri Career Pathways.

Missouri Career Pathways, an initiative of Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), works to prepare secondary students to be success ready to meet demands of today’s workforce.

Selected Tesseract employees participated in 21st century externship designed to inspire young students that have strong desires to activate creativity, artistic skills, engineering solutions, robotics development / coding, and even concepts around the use of artificial intelligence. This special externship provides a meaningful, efficient opportunity for educators to step away from their work place and experience the world of work outside of education. After all, they are preparing students to be career and life ready.

“The Tesseract is delighted to work with our friends at Missouri Career Pathways to activate and inspire the imaginations of young people via a virtual walk through of our space age technology lab and interviewing our exceptional purveyors of wonder on staff.”

— John Boucard, CEO Tesseract Ventures

The theme of this externship is the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on various career pathways with a main goal of increasing the educator’s capacity to be a resource for their students about career-centered topics. Your business features opportunities for teachers to become more familiar with the footprint of artificial intelligence and increases their capacity to inspire students and guide them in one of their many roles.

For seven years, the Missouri Career Pathways Program, hosted by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, collaborated with Kansas City region businesses to provide short externship in-person experiences across a variety of sectors. In our current environment, it is important to continue the experience by providing an engaging, virtual experience.

Career Education is more important now than ever. The first step for educators is to see, experience and feel the culture of businesses across sectors.

Tesseract leadership would like this opportunity to thank the following exceptional people for making this happen:

  • Dr. Kyle Anderson, professor at Kansas City Metropolitan Community College, also serves as the Kansas City Region Career Advisor affiliated with the Kansas City Region Professional Development Center
  • Samantha Cole, Northwest Region Career Advisor and Career Pathways Consultant, affiliated with the Northwest Regional Professional Development Center
  • Dr. Ann Starlin-Horner, Kansas City Region Career Pathways Director
  • Stellar Image Studios for video creation and creative storytelling capability