Data Revolutionizes How Schools Keep Kids Safe and Healthy

Schools have traditionally been in a position of being “data rich, information poor.” They have lots of data on their students, from test scores to athletic stats to health records, but they have never had a great framework for making all that data actionable.

This began to change recently with the advent of new technologies from companies like Kansas City-based education software provider, Lumen Touch. Lumen Touch is an all-in-one software solution for educators and students, offering a suite of comprehensive education management systems, including customizable professional development programs, curriculum management, student achievement tracking systems, student medical record management, and more. exhibits a plethora of cutting edge solutions for forward thinking school systems. exhibits a plethora of cutting edge solutions for forward thinking school systems.

When it comes to student health and wellbeing in the era of COVID-19 data is critical—and the power to act on it is more important than ever. This is why Tesseract and Lumen Touch have formed a partnership with the potential to revolutionize how schools collect, manage and visualize health data, giving them the ability to keep kids and staff safe through robust, tech-enhanced social distancing and contact tracing protocols.

Lumen Touch’s Bright Care suite is a comprehensive medical record management system that enables schools to seamlessly keep track of student medication dosing and schedules, medical supply inventory, immunizations, screening results, and more. Adding Tesseract’s Prism technology to this platform adds new and powerful capabilities to the offering, bringing real-time and predictive data analytics as well as location tracking to schools.

With Bright Care powered by Prism technology, schools can distribute hardware in the form of wearable badges containing RTLS (Real-Time Location Service) technology to students and staff, which then pair with sensors placed around the building. These devices act as proximity tracking tools, supporting critical social distancing measures by alerting staff when individuals have broken protocol. The badges also collect rich data on where each student has been and who they have come into contact with, allowing schools to do their own precise contact tracing in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.

For school health professionals, these tools will bring powerful enhancements to their schools long after COVID-19 is a thing of the past, helping them to manage students’ medical conditions automatically and in real time. For example, if a student with a known peanut allergy scans the barcode on a peanut butter sandwich in the cafeteria, the Prism technology would send an alert to the cashier, informing them of the student’s dietary restrictions. The possibilities for enhanced student health and wellness are limitless.

This technology can also aid in attendance tracking, and enhance security across campus, giving administrators a fuller picture of who is on campus, and which entrances or exits are being used. The badges can also work to direct students and staff to a common area in case of an emergency by sending alerts and instructions to each individual.When schools have the power to not just collect data, but to act on it in real time, educators are empowered to better understand their students, and to create the safest possible environments for them to learn in. This is why Tesseract is proud to partner with Lumen Touch on this exciting next step in educational technology.